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I was reading an article in a recent Voice of the People. Here is what I know President Joe Biden did do:

He cannot place his family members in the White House because his son Hunter received money from the Chinese. Not a good thing. As far as disagreeing with him, the poor old fellow does not know what he is even saying. He’s certainly not a strong president like Trump. Trump did not ignore science; he got us the great vaccine within nine months, before he left office. That is science.

Biden and Obama put the children in cages, not Trump. Do a little more investigating on your own instead of watching so much fake news. Biden mocks all Americans, not just handicapped people, and I have never seen or heard of Trump doing anything like that. Again, too much fake news.

Excuse me, but Biden was the one who used “chumps and losers;” our Trump did not. Our military loved him. He was always very respectful to our great men and women in the armed forces.

Trump never called the China Virus a hoax.

As far as CNN and MSNBC are concerned, they certainly are fake news. They never tell the TRUTH about anything. You really do have blinders on to think that Trump held foreign governments above our own intelligence departments. What do you think Biden is doing? He has handed us over to China on a platter. Been in bed with them for years.

The ones that incited insurrection was the ones there in the Capitol building that day. You can thank the evil Democrats for that one. Biden killed thousands of union jobs with the swipe of a pen. He stopped the wall that would have kept us safe and let in thousands of undocumented illegals, murderers, drug cartels and heavens knows what diseases.

You can have Biden.

Sandra McSorley


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