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My eldest son lives in the mountains of western North Carolina. For the past year during the pandemic he’s been working from home on his computer. Assuming he is allowed to continue working from home, I don’t know why he would leave North Carolina and move to West Virginia for $12,000, based on Gov. Justice’s plan. He would have to leave friends, pull his kids out of school and sell his home. $12,000 isn’t pocket change, but it’s not nearly enough to cause him to move out-of-state. It’s not like winning the Mega Millions lottery.

West Virginia is not unique. It’s not the only place with forested mountains and babbling brooks. The landscape in western North Carolina is just as breathtaking as anywhere in West Virginia. The first time I visited was during the summer. The sun was blazing, but the humidity was low, sort of like Greenbrier County at that time of year. The next thing I noticed was the lack of insects. I said, “Where are the mosquitoes?”

Some people may be homesick and wish to return to West Virginia. Those are the ones who might accept the governor’s offer to come home. On the other hand, I wonder if some who are unqualified will apply just to get the $12,000? Will the majority of applicants look like Bill Gates or Boxcar Willie? We’ll see. Time will tell, but I’m skeptical.

John Schurman


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