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On June 9 the Herald-Dispatch ran a paid advertisement for a book titled "Dark Agenda." There is indeed a dark agenda, but it is not the one touted by the book: (some) Christians are being crudely manipulated.

The ad says that "Horowitz argues that even Jews -- and anyone who believes in God -- will be in danger if Christians are not protected." But then it has a problem with a "New Jersey middle school on trial for inexplicably trying to convert students to Islam." But those who follow Islam do believe in God and venerate, to some extent, Jesus and Moses. In fact, "Allah" means "God."

Reviewer (former governor) Mike Huckabee calls this apparently divisive and incendiary tome "delightfully readable" while lawyer/reviewer Alan Dershowitz carefully devotes only his first sentence to the book so his subsequent remarks thereafter are only a personal statement. These odd and careful statements hardly constitute critics who are "raving."

Catholics are cited as "rallying behind him (Trump)," but the Pope has recently strongly supported those protesting police violence. Horowitz may be persuasive, but he (and everyone else) is way behind the Pope in terms of Catholic credibility.

The ad lies about former President Obama in terms that are no more persuasive than the Big Lie (now fully discredited) that he was not born in the USA.

Eventually those who live in the reality-based community will have to do their best to reintegrate with our fellow citizens who continue to be conned by Donald John Trump. Let us hope we are up to the task.

John Palmer


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