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Have you visited the 9/11 memorial in Spring Hill Cemetery? There are three monuments dedicated to the sites where the planes were crashed. There is also a carillon that chimes on the hour and plays music on the half hour. The memorial was dedicated and erected by the family of Paul Ambrose, who died at the Pentagon.

Ruth Baker


Real US patriots wear their masks

Those of us who wear masks are the real patriots now. We know the U.S. can’t recover economically with so many sick.

This virus is spread mainly through the steam (aerosol) we breathe out, and masks stop our breath from spreading out very far. They also stop us from breathing other people’s exhaled breath.

If we want our country to get back on its feet, we can make that happen by wearing a mask. It’s how other countries have won the fight against the virus. We can do it, too!

If you truly love our country, you’ll show it by wearing a mask.

Kate O’Neal

South Bend, Wash.

Conservatives use some dirty tactics

Something which I find to be very disappointing about political “conservatives” in 2020 is something that 12-time award-winning and prize-winning journalist Jane Mayer emphasizes in her award-winning book “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right.”

She points out that many of today’s conservatives (including their biggest campaign donors) believe that their “ends” (including winning national elections) justify their use of any and all immoral and unethical “means” (including the use “stealth tactics” such as lying, making things up, being sneaky and deceptive and misleading, providing false and misinformation and phony and fake research, extensive use of think tanks that produce false propaganda that is disguised as being scientific and objective research, and trying to hide the fact from the public that many of them want to abolish all of the federal government social programs that help people such as Social Security and Medicare).

To my knowledge, nothing in her book has ever been successfully refuted by anyone. I have mentioned her book in many of my previous letters, and no conservative has ever challenged it. They all ignore it and avoid it as if it is kryptonite to them.

Stewart Epstein

Rochester, N.Y.

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