Man is not an animal. Why use animals for research? I Corinthians 15:39: “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.”

If animals survive the torture, someone has to take care for them.

Roberta Fay Lovejoy

South Point, Ohio

Why no flag at Democrat debates?

In Dana Milbank’s column published in this paper on Dec. 1, he gushes over the noble choice of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer to resign rather than acknowledge President Trump’s pardon of a convicted Navy SEAL. Mr. Milbank finds Secretary Spencer’s use of the phrase “flag and faith” to be “beautiful” and rare in the “age of Trump.”

This column reminded me of a recent curiosity. Why have liberal, anti-Trump pundits such as Mr. Milbank issued a pass to the Democratic presidential debate organizers, TV producers and sponsors? I have yet to observe even a lone American flag present on stage during these debates. The ancillary and more substantive question to ask is exactly what nation do these candidates envision they would serve if elected president?

Steve Flesher


Is this right for road project?

Roads to prosperity is replacing guardrails in Cabell County, really?

Richard Hiller


Civic arena wastes our tax dollars

Two million dollars of your tax dollars down that bottomless pit called the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. An outdoor arena. A waste of money!

While living in Charlotte, N.C., years ago, I did charity work through my church, cleaning up the outdoor arena at UNCC. We had to wear two pairs of gloves to pick up the stuff left behind after a concert. It’s unbelievable how nasty some people are when no one sees them in the dark.

Do I like living in Huntington? Yes. What do I miss about Charlotte, N.C.? The great streets and roads.

Why was Trump elected? He listens to the people.

Lonnie Bledsoe


Radical liberal media deserve to die

R is the racism you try to hide. A is for the arrogance from which you abide. D is for your desperate desire to lead. I is for ignorance. C is for the criticism you always spout. A is for assumption of superiority. L is for lying forever.

L is for lessons never learned. I is for illegitimacy. B is for bull feathers. E is for your eroding ideology. R is for repulsive behavior. A is for always wrong. L is for still liars forever. S is for simply being wrong on all issues requiring an intellectual conclusion.

When President Eisenhower gave his final speech to the country, he warned to be careful of the growth within the great military industrial complex, as it could have too much influence on our government. He wasn’t aware of the growth within our great industrial journalism complex, where they have become the unofficial fourth branch of our government, and they are a threat to our nation.

But little by little, biased voices are being challenged, and over 2,100 newspapers have recently closed their doors because the American people recognized biased behavior more and more every day and are starting to reject it as any viable source of information.

Carlton Toler


Danny D’Antoni always a class act

Thanks to Chuck Landon for his article in the Dec. 15 edition. A lot of people appreciate what Danny D’Antoni is doing for Marshall, Huntington and West Virginia and for Mr. Landon’s pointing it out. Danny has been a Huntington favorite ever since he wore Number 10 on his basketball jersey.

Lois Merritt


Reader sorry she wasn’t polled

After reading an article on Dec. 12 on the survey on Trump, I wondered how the survey was conducted. We scan our calls and e-mail carefully, so I am sorry we missed it. Our family could have added 12 more “no” votes to the count.

Joan Sharp


Recovery Point merits support

I want to recognize the great work everyone is doing at Recovery Point in Huntington. While visiting my hometown in mid-December, I donated time and delivered some items to Recovery Point on 20th Street, requested for and published in The Herald-Dispatch’s “Empty Stockings” section. These hardworking people at Recovery are making a definitive difference for those who are healing from addiction and working to get back on their feet.

I encourage you, dear reader, to donate your time, talents and treasures to this wonderful organization. They are helping to heal others in need; now let’s help them continue doing this.

Rev. Glenn Swain

Tempe, Ariz.

Nazis were never

actual socialists

Having read Nigel Jeffries guest column “Socialists have never been successful,” I had several reactions but am most concerned with his assertion that the Nazis were socialists.

The Nazis’ greatest enemy was communism, an extreme form of socialism. They went out of their way to court industrialists and were not supportive of labor organizations. Yes, they included the term in their official name — National Socialist Workers Party — but did that to appeal to the working class and take votes away from the Social Democrats — milder socialists.

Hitler and the Nazis were extreme right-wing conservatives. They weren’t socialists.

W. Michael Ellis

Hurricane, W.Va.

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