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President Biden is colluding with the Russians. The latest example is his telling Germany that he approves of the German-Russian Pipeline. Trump opposed the pipeline because it gave Russia too much influence in Europe and it would strengthen the Russian economy.

Remember what happened after World War II? After the defeat of Germany by the allied nations of England, France, Russia, and the United States, the Allies divided Germany into four zones of occupation. Russia’s zone contained the capital, Berlin. By agreement, Berlin, the capital, was to be governed by all of the Allies. Russia wanted Berlin totally under its control. They established a blockade of everything coming into Berlin. When the Allies tried to send in a supply of essentials to Berlin, they were met with Russian tanks. To prevent war, the Allies initiated the Berlin airlift. Cargo planes flew into the Berlin airport with all the supplies that the Berlin citizens needed.

The Russians are now threatening Ukraine. During the Obama/Biden presidency, Russia militarily invaded and annexed Crimea from the Ukraine. Would Germany and the other neighbors of Ukraine come to Ukraine’s defense if Russia invaded and threatened to cut off their oil?

Hackers from Russia shut down a major pipeline in the eastern United States. It was only down for a couple of days, yet look at the turmoil it caused.

When Biden took office, one of the first things that he did was shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would bring oil from Canada. Now he approves an oil pipeline for Germany coming from Russia. The first move will help destroy our energy independence. The second move ensures Germany’s dependence on Russia for energy. It will also benefit Russia economically. Russian hackers shut down our pipeline, disrupting our citizens’ lives. Biden rewards Russia with the Russia-Germany pipeline. I wonder if Hunter Biden getting ten million dollars from Moscow’s mayor a few years ago had any influence in this gift to Russia.

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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