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I would not be surprised to see the Biden administration sign nonaggression treaties with China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Cuba because most Democrats seem to be ready to accept that we are about to become a Communist country with a dictator as leader like all the other communist countries.

I think they truly believe that our country is systemically evil, so we need to align ourselves with the other evil countries. They believe that most people in our country are not smart enough to see what they are doing because they have the fake news media that is complacently spreading their lies. They have been trying to destroy our police, our history, our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our energy independence, our laws, our belief in God, control our voting from D.C. to eliminate ever losing another election and end all of our freedoms.

If they are successful in passing that $3.5 billion spending bill, then we will start sending our better-paying jobs overseas again. Inflation will become unbearable for people on fixed incomes, wages will decline, and unemployment will increase. Under the last president with his tax relief, we had the lowest unemployment in the last 50 years and the biggest wage increases for low and middle class in all sections of our country, but the fake news media and the Democrats’ lies for four years had most people believing he had achieved nothing.

Now we have a president who is trying to destroy everything we hold sacred. He has turned a country over to terrorists, withdrawing our military before our citizens have been safely removed and leaving our weapons for them to kill us or anyone they decide to and promised us he would not leave anyone behind, which was a lie.

I don’t understand the actions considering we had not lost a soldier in 18 months and the Taliban had not met their requirements for us to leave, so he has blood on his hands. Because of his stupidity we lost 13 soldiers and many more injured. Now the Taliban have hostages so they can make demands of us. How much more do we need to see?

God save the United States!

Terry Thornburg


Was retreat from Afghanistan treason or just stupidity?

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan was a hasty retreat – a defeat. For 20 years, America has shed blood and billions of dollars on an inconclusive fight against an enemy to humanity – the Taliban. They are ruthless and can’t be trusted. Violence is the only language they understand. They promised to form an acceptable government. Which naive man would believe that? Well, there is at least one in Washington.

An army does not leave soldiers and many billion dollars worth of weapons and supplies behind. In essence we have given the Taliban forces the most modern equipment – instantly and gratis – to conduct their war against mankind, against America. Where is the logic?

When I joined the Army 60 years ago, I learned about the Uniform Code of Conduct, a set of rules for every soldier to follow. Biden, although he was never a real soldier, now is one by default, since he is the commander in chief, a position that requires no previous military experience, but he, too, is obligated to abide by those rules, and one of those is “Don’t give aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Pelosi et al: You have unsuccessfully tried four years to impeach a president on charges you desperately tried to find. Here is an easy opportunity. Don’t you understand the Constitution?

We need a man like Trump or General Patton in the White House – someone who will neutralize America’s sworn enemies, not give aid.

Thirteen young soldiers were killed during the retreat. Their deaths have not been avenged. Their lives matter. America looks weak!

Klaus Staerker

Proctorville, Ohio

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