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I can’t believe that the presumed Democratic nominee for president said that the police are our enemy. What a dumbxxx statement to make.

Are we to eliminate all of our laws and live in a lawless country and everyone buy a gun to protect ourselves? If you don’t want to live under that possibility, then you’d better start standing up for our law enforcement officers.

It seems that the Marxists and rioters are scaring people enough that they won’t stand up and be counted. The Gang of Four are now calling for eliminating our way of life and becoming more like Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea and Venezuela. We live in the greatest country with the most freedoms in this world, and I for one believe we need to tell them if those countries are so great than they and anyone that believes that should move to any one of them.

Another thing I don’t understand is where are our Democratic congressmen? If they are too afraid to go to Washington and do the country’s business, especially right now that we have a lot of problems that need to be solved, then they should resign or at least not be paid for doing anything. I would love to sit at home and make their salary and do nothing, because I thought they should be listed as essential workers if they expect others to work so they can live and be safe. I think they should be paid only when they are in Washington and in session and it be a part-time job like it use to be.

And two terms are enough for any national office. We need term limits because most of their time is spent raising money for their re-election campaigns then doing our country’s business.

Just one more thing I had to say.

Terry Thornburg


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