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A recent person’s letter to the editor on April 18 falsely said that the Republican Party does not care about the American people and does nothing to make their lives better.

It is Biden and the Democrats who do not care about the American peoples’ lives. Immediately after taking office, Biden stopped the Keystone XL pipeline. This took thousands of high-paying jobs away from our citizens. This and other steps Biden has taken will cause the United States to lose its energy independence. Our gasoline prices are already rapidly rising. Soon our other energy prices, such as electricity and natural gas, will be going up. This will hurt all Americans.

Biden stopped the border wall construction that had already been contracted and then implemented his open-border policy. These illegal immigrants crossing the border will be working for less wages and will bring down our citizens’ standard of living. Biden is also giving these illegal aliens free housing, free education, and in lots of cases getting more benefits than our citizens, who are hurting from the results of COVID-19. Biden is busing the illegals to all parts of the United States, spreading COVID-19.

Where is Biden’s compassion for our hurting citizens? We have military veterans who need housing, and families are being evicted from their housing due to losing their jobs because of COVID-19. We have young people who need help paying off college loans. We need to redirect the $68 billion allocated to these illegal immigrants to our own hurting citizens. We need to go back to Trump’s policy of keeping these illegals in Mexico until their court dates.

Former President Trump and the Republicans passed a tax law, and other measures, that made our economy one of the greatest. According to the experts, this economy was the greatest benefit to the poor and middle class.

In foreign policy, Trump kept us out of new wars and helped promote the peace in the Middle East by negotiating peace treaties between Israel and their Muslim neighbors. Peace saves our citizens’ lives, and money not spent on war can be spent to help our citizens.

Biden and Democratic policies are making our citizens’ lives worse. Republican policies make our citizens’ lives better.

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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