From the headline of Diane Mufson’s column (“Americans need access to health care,” Sept. 26), I thought she was up to another of her suggestions to spend a lot of other people’s money. But hey, I was wrong. Could it be that finally after all these years being a West Virginian Mrs. Mufson has enough of our conservative horse sense rubbed off on her and she realizes that throwing more taxpayer money at a problem is not the solution?

Like so many Democrats, Mufson loves the word “deserves.” The only thing we deserve here in the land of the free is life, liberty and happiness. Other than those three, everything else must be earned.

Mufson is right about the crackpot idea of Medicare for all. As a confessed Democrat, how could she say such a thing considering all 96 (and counting) Democrat candidates offered their hand up in support of the idea? Indeed, health care is expensive, and I submit the entire health care industry is responsible for a lot of it.

Health care cost started its escalation the day after Medicare started. Why? Because there is no one guarding the piggy bank. The whole shebang is a monopoly with the government dictating the prices. There is no competition. I once had a CAT scan for bladder and kidney stones. All done in a single pass, yet Medicare was charged for two scans.

The Affordable Care Act is not affordable and is a unmitigated flop. Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it so we can find out what is in it. To this day nobody knows what else is in it. Obamacare taxed just about everything to get the books to balance.

Mufson said, “Don’t get sick.” She is right again. One of the many negatives about West Virginia is we are the sickest.

Fred Friar


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