In a recent column Kathleen Parker tells us “there’s little question that Warren could prevail against Trump in a policy debate” but then in the next sentence opines that it won’t matter because of Trump’s superior “showmanship.”

What cynicism! Voters can’t tell the difference between a reality show and a high-level political debate? Wow. After every debate there will be published hard-hitting but thoughtful commentary. And voters, having considered at least some of this commentary and who care about Social Security, U.S. troops in Afghanistan, global warming, gun control, fair taxation, and abortion, will be so snowed by “showmanship” that they will overlook the candidates’ actual views and arguments?

Parker’s own comments in this column are glib and almost giddy. She strains to be seen as clever and cute (“I’ll have what she’s having” ... a well-known movie line about an apparent orgasm).

I for one look forward to the Warren-Trump debates and even feel a bit sorry for The Donald. Elizabeth is locked and loaded.

John D. Palmer


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