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Build Back Better. To make that happen the Biden administration must follow the Marxist guidelines of destroying what has made America the greatest democracy in the world, which is everything.

They started with our energy independence by destroying the Keystone pipeline, gradually trying to eliminating the use of all fossil fuels by driving up costs to consumers, eliminating our police departments by defunding the police, having a willy-nilly chief of staff of our military that thinks our soldiers need equity training, which is ridiculous trying to make it racist, brainwashing our children to believe they are born either privileged or subservient depending on the color of their skin, which is wrong.

Trying to move all voting laws to D.C., eliminating states rights for self determination, having the Department of Justice threaten parents by calling them domestic terrorists, releasing criminals back on our streets to commit more crimes then releasing them constantly again, shutting down our border wall to allow hundreds of thousands to come across our open borders then spending millions to transport them all over our country secretly in the dead of night and paying for all of their needs.

Claiming that our world will end if we continue to us fossil fuels but it’s OK for China, Russia and India to use them then how are we to stop climate change alone, now thinking about closing another pipeline that furnishes fuel to heat their homes this winter in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, which could cause some people to freeze to death because that is their only source of heating fuel.

Pulling all of our troops out of Afghanistan with thousands of Americans, allies, Afghans that we had told we would help them get out with nobody left behind, which was a very big lie, mandating vaccinations for our very young, which there is still no known long- term side effects studies done. I have personally experienced side effects since my second shot in March such as constant sinus drainage, very dry eyes and extreme fatigue.

They are trying to create constant chaos and make everyone dependent on big government with only one party in charge and they are called Marxists, Communists and socialists. If we don’t stop them now, we will lose our wonderful country. Speak up, America, now, or it may be too late!

Terry Thornburg


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