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As a native of Greenbottom who attended school at Cox’s Landing, I read with great interest your article regarding these name spellings.

From my opening sentence, you already know my position on this matter. By the way, both places fall within the LeSage post office zip code. The capital S was dropped some time ago to Lesage, so that might be another topic for you.

The General Jenkins family named their plantation Greenbottom, and that is spelling that Jack Dickinson used when writing his biography on Gen. Jenkins and family. Our own family’s home place is carved from the Jenkins property and we always spelled it as one word.

William Cox purchased a huge parcel in 1855 in what is now Cox’s Landing. Its huge timber resource was used to help fuel the steamboats that traveled on the Ohio River. His boat landing for those boats gave rise to the name Cox’s Landing. Remember, at that time, the river was the primary source of transportation, pre-dating the railway and any well-developed roads.

I point these out to you because to do otherwise is to invite chaos, confusion and the abandonment of cultural norms that have helped define these two communities — something that bureaucrats at the U.S. Board of Geographic Names have no regard for.

What would be next? Dogs sleeping with cats? People wearing white after Labor Day? Donald Trump as president? OK, that may have been a cheap shot.

In any case, best wishes to the future success of the HD. I grew up reading the Advertiser every afternoon, and I always first turned to Ernie Salvatore.

Greg Clary

Sligo, Pa.

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