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Re: the editorial “Industry trends delay coal’s expected demise,” June 27: Rubbish!

Bureaucrats of all stripes can spin it six ways from Sunday, but coal, the most concentrated naturally occurring form of carbon, ain’t going away, at least not for another 200-300 years. I’ve been telling those who are smart enough to listen to what Chandra Akkihal (economics professor) taught me. As soon as the power plants switch over to burning natural gas and can’t switch back the price of gas is going up. I never expected it to go up 50% already.

The federal government and states have imposed restrictions and regulations on coal-burning electric plants over and over. The consequence is we consumers have to pay an ever increasing price for electricity we use.

Making electricity with renewables is not the solution. The only way to sell this fiasco is with a lot of government subsidies. Even with all the taxpayer money, it turns out those solar panels do not last as long as predicted. Windmill blades are falling apart. This costs the power industry more money and, yes, you guessed it, they passed this along to us consumers as well.

Developing countries can’t afford all this expense so they continue to burn coal to make electricity. Some developed nations have discovered they cannot meet the electricity demand and are turning back to coal. Those with no coal will have to buy their coal from us. Geologists tell us at the current rate of consumption there is at least 200-300 years left of coal deposits.

It is not going to be very long until the tax-and-spend party will run out of other people’s money to spend and the madness will subside. I think fusion will be commercialized with in the next 50 years and we can have unlimited power and zero pollution.

Fred Friar


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