During bowl season, I watched some of the contest between University of Cincinnati and Boston College. It wasn’t pretty. UC was clearly superior, but that shouldn’t have been the case. BC is in the Power Five and UC in the Group of Five. Just 110 miles downstream, the University of Louisville is in the Power Five, but it would have suffered a similar fate.

In high schools, divisional separation makes sense. We want schools of similar size competing in football games, otherwise the small schools would be at a great disadvantage. But in the college environment, the separation is totally arbitrary. There are large and small schools in both divisions.

No doubt the Power Five teams have competitive advantages over the Group of Five. The most glaring is the recruiting advantage since they can earn a spot in the College Football Playoff championship.

If you’re in the five top conferences, you’ve got it made. Women talk of a glass ceiling, but here we have a pigskin ceiling.

The Power Five hide behind the word education, but they’re really in big business. In public universities, the head coach usually makes more money than the governor. The schools get millions of dollars in television revenue and they want to keep it that way. They don’t want to share with the rest.

After the impeachment trial in the Senate, we need to refocus the high-power Washington attorneys on the mess in college football. At present we have a monopoly situation, and it’s unfair. In fact, it’s just plain un-American.

John Schurman


Doc gave fans another great year

I was fortunate my first Marshall game Dad took me to was the Marshall-Xavier game in 1971. I hated it when they dragged me to Florida after my freshman year in 1973. Now I live outside of Tampa and am fortunate to see the Herd once a year when they come down to play FIU or FAU.

Despite crummy weather I was thrilled to see us in the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl the last two years. Though a speck of green surrounded by a sea of black and gold, I could understand the lack of response when I leaped to my feet, turned and screamed, “We are ...!” Hadn’t they seen the movie?

Take away the pass slipping through Obialo’s hands and the bad-luck bounces on ours and UCF’s fumbles, we played a great team even. I’m appalled to see the comments calling for us to get rid of Doc Holliday. Between loss of industry, the opioid crises and other challenges facing Huntington, Marshall far exceeds reasonable expectations.

Who’s coming to Huntington to replace Doc? We’re not Notre Dame or even Boca Raton. Most teams with Marshall’s challenges and funding are lucky to have one winning season out of 10. I only wish Doc and Dan were 10 years younger. We should be grateful to Doc Holliday and Dan D’Antoni for giving us such entertaining football and basketball. We’ll miss them when they’re gone. Go Herd!

Mike Kyle

Lutz, Florida

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