On Dec. 21, The Herald-Dispatch carried a column indicting the “LGBTQ community,” although the writer’s rant pretty much concerned only the tiny “T” group. One question was: Should an evangelical baker be required to serve a same sex couple? I am an agnostic on this, but I feel whatever the answer, it should also apply to any same-sex couple bakers who might be called upon to serve an evangelical.

Another question concerned gender-separate bathrooms: Having used such bathrooms at airports, I agree they get the job done, but having used one-at-a-time mixed bathrooms in a bookstore, the job also got done. So, IMO, another non-issue. Since, however, feelings are at a high pitch, we might consider separate bathrooms for Republicans and Democrats.

The title of this unintentionally ironic, dog-whistle, virtue-signaling column was “Our social norms are being corrupted.” Ha! The egregious corruption we see daily is not from the usually mild-mannered LGBTQ community but from the jeering DJT community. Walter Williams thinks he being clever when he asks whether he has a right to be called “Your Majesty,” but it seems that his hugely corrupt champion would, if he could, be called exactly that (or maybe even the “Chosen One”). Whoa! Or should I say, “Woe”?

Although disguised (“dog-whistled”), Williams has given us another hate column. 2020 is an election year — we’ll have plenty of media brokered race-baiting, sexual orientation-baiting, socialist-baiting, gun owner-baiting material pushed in our collective faces. Let’s agree now to have as fair an election as we can manage, to then accept the outcome(s), and live as harmoniously together as we can.

John D. Palmer


2020 election

is about jobs

A few days ago, I was talking to a woman working at a construction company. I said, “You sure look busy.” She said, “Ninety days after the president was elected, our business really picked up. We have more than we can do. Thank god.”

I asked, “How about Obama?” She said, “We just about starved to death.” That’s what it will be about in the next election. Jobs. Not tree huggers.

Lonnie Bledsoe


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