I wrote a congressional resolution for West Virginia’s members of Congress, but one need not be a member of Congress to adopt it. I invite your readers’ consideration:

Whereas the Republican Party has advanced racist and dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric;

Whereas the aforementioned party has abandoned American principles of inclusivity and pluralism, these being key features of our representative democracy;

Whereas the party has sought to maintain minority power through political gerrymandering and eliminating voting rights protections, making a mockery of the people’s right to choose their own representation;

Whereas the party has fully embraced Donald Trump despite his obvious unfitness for public office and his disregard for American political norms and general human decency;

Whereas the party has morphed from a conservative party into a far-right authoritarian party which eschews the rule of law in favor of a cult of personality;

Whereas the party has engaged in conspiracy theories and propaganda instead of confronting the domestic dangers of white nationalism and the foreign dangers of election interference; and

Whereas the party has joined Mr. Trump in attacking and degrading the quality of essential American democratic institutions such as the free press, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, instead of defending them as patriots should; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that for the remainder of my natural life, I will never vote for any Republican, and neither should any other patriotic American.

Cade Elkins


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