In a recent article, Walter Williams said that predictions about the environment missed the mark. He said that because we still have copper, lead, zinc, tin, gold, silver, oil and natural gas in spite of predicted shortfalls that we are in good shape.

Maybe instead of looking at these money-producing industries, he should instead look at the birds and the bees and the butterflies. Species are disappearing. Just because these beautiful creatures of nature don’t produce money is no reason to ignore the fact they are endangered. Monarch butterflies, birds and bees have been dramatically reduced in nature.

To ignore these warning signs is foolish. Their destruction and disappearance may not happen in a year or even two, but if we ignore what we are doing to the environment, they will eventually become extinct, making our world a sadder place in which to live.

God made us caretakers of the world. We need to do a good job.

Linda LeMaster


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