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When you hear or see “Black Lives Matter,” what is your first thought? If you profess to be a Christian and you are white, I want to encourage you to filter your response using Psalm 139:23-24.

Does your response change? The writer of this psalm is asking God to search his heart and see if there is any hurtful thought and then lead him into the right way of thinking and responding.

Christianity inspires humility. Jesus is the personification of humbleness, and his ultimate act of humility allows people to choose to become Christian. God knows our limitations and wants us to seek His guidance.

If we respond to “Black Lives Matter” in a dismissive or derogatory way, we aren’t taking the time to really consider what the statement means. The statement “Black Lives Matter” is not divisive, but our knee-jerk responses can be. And worse, we can poorly reflect God’s love if we’re not exercising humility first.

If we’re dismissive of any human, we’re not allowing God to work within our hearts and we risk not representing God’s love to others. Please consider that for a minute.

What filter are you allowing to direct your response?

Barbara Lesher


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