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Recently, Special Metals temporarily closed because of several cases of COVID-19 that were detected with the employees. Unbelievably, in the last three weeks, Huntington City Councilman Ted Kluemper has been knocking on doors, shaking hands and placing yard signs in my neighborhood (Altizer), in attempt to get elected (he is currently appointed, not elected to that seat).

Mr. Kluemper has been going door-to-door in the area that closely surrounds the Special Metals facility. This selfish act completely jeopardizes the health of untold innocent residents of the Altizer neighborhood. I had to yell at him to get him to leave my front porch, and leave my family alone (my elderly mother lives with us).

Why would the city council tolerate a member disregarding a public safety mandate by national and local authorities? We need answers.

Billy Joe McClure


US depends too much on China

We all have heard the old saying “We owe our soul to the company store” from living around coal mining. Well, as our country’s debt grows more and more, our politicians and business leaders had better get their heads out of sand and pay attention to what China is doing, buying our debt and our businesses and supplying our every need in this country.

They should not be able to buy any land or businesses in this country at the rate they are going with the help of our politicians and business community.

We don’t make much of anything in this country. It’s about all made in China.

Just look at how this pandemic is showing what China can do. We need our country to be independent again because we will be in the same way coal miners once were. We will owe our soul to the company store — China — because of greed and profit.

This country is in real danger.

I read years ago China could destroy America without firing a shot.

Just make them depend on us for their needs.

Kenny Vance

South Point, Ohio

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