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Just had to laugh out loud at some of the crazy ideas that were tossed about by the crazy liberal Democrats — Crazy Bernie, Uncle Joe Biden and Dizzy Lizzy Liz Warren and others. Who do they think would pay for everything they want?

They would tax you to the grave and spend like drunken sailors at a Boston tea party. They don’t care about common everyday folks. They only care about money, and their power is their god. No worries or cares about trying to solve problems.

So why vote for any of them? They’re up to their eyeballs in extortion, greed and corruption. Just like the Clintons, the Obamas and Uncle Joe Biden. Don’t fall for the big lies that the Democrats, CNN and other media put out.

The so-called impeachment inquiries are a sham, a hoax filled with lies. They’re a bunch of do-nothing phonies. Democrats — party of KKK, abortion, illegal aliens and sanctuary cities.

Terry Diamond

Proctorville, Ohio

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