I would like to respond to K.L. Vance’s letter of December 27. His name-calling and insults by calling Democrats “donkeys” and “jackasses” show that he is a Trump supporter. It’s right out of the Trump playbook.

He stated that we should be thankful for Trump’s successes even though the federal deficit is the highest in history, hate crimes have increased 67 percent and taxpayers spent $118 million for Trump’s golf outings.

He also implied that Obama was a failed president. Even if one disliked Obama and disagreed with his politics, he was always a gentleman. He was not foul-mouthed, an adulterer or a pathological liar. He did not alienate our allies and kiss up to dictators. He did not incite hate and violence against illegal immigrants while employing them in personal businesses. In fact, border crossings were at a 50-year low and Obama deported more immigrants than any other president. He did not put children in cages, and no child died in Border Patrol custody under Obama’s administration. When choosing a leader, I believe character matters.

Neva McGuire


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