It appears that a number of your readers and several of your recently published lay person commentators believe Marshall has somehow controlled the puppet strings of Sodexo in its shunning of Stewarts Hotdogs.

Some secret sauce loyalists even go so far as to advocate a ban on all things Marshall. Really? Based on what amounts to nothing more than innuendo and supposition contrived in response to a petition sent to Marshall by those who believe in equal rights for all?

In any event, why place the protection of a local, albeit iconic, hot dog vendor’s pride and marketing strategy above our ever-growing hometown state university, which began its mission to educate now hundreds of thousands back in 1837? Assuming Marshall were in the position to leverage Sodexo to continue to do business with Stewarts, why exactly should Marshall bother to interfere?

As I recently suggested, conduct a survey/poll of your readers and allow them to decide which local hot dog vendor should be crowned with the exclusive right to lobby Marshall and Sodexo for their business.

Steve Flesher


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