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On the first night of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump Jr. stated that if his father is re-elected he intends to permanently cut a payroll deduction. He did not specify that this deduction is the payroll deduction for Social Security, but this is the payroll deduction Trump has been talking about.

This payroll deduction funds Social Security; without this deduction Social Security will go broke by 2023. Over 60 million people receive Social Security checks in this country; by 2023 these checks would disappear. If you think this cannot happen, think again. If Trump gets reelected and he still retains a Republican majority vote in Congress, they can easily pass legislation to remove this payroll deduction. The last three and a half years, Trump’s Republicans have shown that they are more than willing to follow his lead.

If you are a retired senior citizen or if you have parents or grandparents who are currently receiving Social Security checks, under Trump’s continued leadership these checks will disappear as early as 2023. Think carefully before you vote.

Karen Greybill


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