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As far as the “news” reports go on President Trump’s various speeches, it has become apparent to me, that the “talking heads’” who have the responsibility of the accuracy of sound bites, simply turn off the sound and “read his lips.” Problem is, they don’t lip-read English. So, they interpret “wha’de’say?” into something they wish he had said. Lies or not, they get the point across that he is a buffoon; they can apologize later.

Lots of people simply believe this tripe and do no thinking on their own. Whether they like him or not, keep this in mind: He has America’s back at all times and we surely need him now with communist China’s posturing and constant feints to check our weak spots, militarily and technologically. Every day brings them closer to our shores.

So, who would you rather have in control of the nuclear “football”? Trump or Biden? Because folks, I imagine if Biden is in control, this country better start adding Chinese language to our school’s teachings, kindergarten and up. They are going to need it soon.

Check Biden’s history, you will find he is way too “kissy face” with China, at least for my comfort.

How about yours?

Dorsey “Dan” Boyd

Chesapeake, Ohio

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