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An Oct. 6 opinion piece by Aubrey King ridicules the idea that significant voter fraud occurred in Arizona during the November 2020 election. Trump lost the election by 10,457 votes, giving the state’s 11 electoral votes to Biden.

An independent audit of Maricopa County, the state’s largest county, was ordered by the Arizona Senate. After various legal challenges, the audit was completed in September 2021.

Over 50,000 votes were found not meeting the state’s legal requirement to be counted, therefore fraudulent. The majority were mail-in ballots.

n 23,334 votes were mailed from prior addresses or not address which they lived at time of election (mail in ballots).

n 10,342 votes were from voters who voted in multiple counties.

n 9,041 voters turned in more ballots than they received (mail-in ballots).

n 3,452 ballots do not match who voted the ballot.

n 2,382 voters had moved out of county before the election.

n 2,081 had moved out of state before the election.

Keep in mind, Trump lost the state by just over 10,000 votes, or possibly 20% of the fraudulent votes in Maricopa County alone. Is it unreasonable to expect that Biden gained 20% of votes ruled as fraudulent, thereby winning the state?

Arizona, as most other states, has no provision under law to recall the electorate votes once cast. So once certified, Biden was the winner.

When we consider election fraud in another way, how many others who ran down ballot for public office from county clerk to senator were actually elected by the will of the voters?

In many states, 2020 elections continue to be investigated. It’s no surprise that those now in power (both Democrats and Republicans) are the main opponents to open investigations.

Mid-term elections in just over a year away, and many states continue to double down on mailing unsolicited ballots to every voter, a sure recipe for fraud.

Roy Heffner

Chesapeake, Ohio

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