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I am writing this in regard to the spineless pandering by Jerome A. Gilbert and the Marshall University Board of Governors. They voted — not citizens, students, or alumni — to change the name of Jenkins Hall because he was a Confederate officer and slaveholder.

This is pure idiocy to punish a Confederate officer 150 years after a war. This is political correctness over a fabricated sensitivity to history. What is next, the Collis P. Huntington statue, or maybe Justice Marshall’s namesake? I am sick of this pandering so elites can feel better about their fabricated nonracist stance.

I tried to contact the board and the president with no results, no emails, no phone numbers. They destroy American tradition then hide and tell their families and coworkers how righteous and brave they are by doing their deeds of destruction in secrecy. I would say if a member of the Jenkins family were considering leaving a wealthy endowment to Marshall or PBS this would have never been up for a vote.

As a West Virginia citizen and Marshall graduate I request a public hearing on this attempt to whitewash our history by destroying our traditions.

This was a toned-down version of what I was going to write.

John Uppole


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