It is interesting to observe how the liberal media are attempting to parlay the recent Christianity Today editorial condemnation of President Trump to recruit those who identify as evangelical and who turned out to get President Trump elected in 2016. (Note: In a recent poll, “evangelicals” were 67% against impeachment.)

This magazine may have been founded by the late Rev. Billy Graham; however, decades later the Graham family has distanced themselves from it as not representing the mainstream. Do not be fooled, as CT does not hold the exclusive rights to speak for the millions of “evangelical enablers,” a derogatory term in this context used by syndicated columnist Eugene Robinson in his piece published in this newspaper on Dec. 26 to identify that core group of Trump supporters. A term likely to be embraced by those who so identify, not unlike the “deplorables.”

Evangelicals voted for Mr. Trump in 2016 not because he was perceived as “One of Our Kind” but because he campaign promised to protect and uphold their core values on issues affecting all Americans. He has thus far mostly delivered on those promises.

Mr. Trump’s perceived morality or lack thereof will not decide the outcome of the next election. This well-publicized issue did not move the needle sufficiently in 2016, so, why would Democrats expect it to become a weighty factor for evangelicals in 2020?

Steve Flesher


Here are a few predictions for 2020

Hello 2020! Ten pushup bet on each prediction. Any takers?

The economy will continue to prosper for everybody in spite of the media’s continuously trying to talk it down.

Employment will stay full in spite of those Democrats wishing for the plane to crash.

One more constitutionalist Supreme Court judge and 230 total lower court appointments confirmed in the next year. This is way more important than anybody is paying attention to! Two plus 190ish so far.

And due to the failed coup attempt, the president enjoys a 1984-style re-election and we enjoy a Republican House and Senate.

Unfortunately, socialism will still be around. Parasites need hosts.

If you’re keen on a prosperous America, pray for it.

If you’re not, get used to it.

Pence in 2024.

Paul Dorsey

Bluefield, W.Va.

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