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Memorial Day is over. My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones. Were they afraid? I’m sure they were, but they didn’t hide in fear. They faced fear.

It’s the fear within, not the fear without. West Virginia should never have been closed down. Lots of governors closed their states. They did not stop to think. Massive unemployment; unemployment funds will run out. Closed hospitals; stupid! Now we have to play catch up. Some sick are dying.

Fear did not make this country great. It shows how stupid our elected officials are. No common sense!

Lonnie Bledsoe


Stonewall statue must be removed

The Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson monument should be removed from our state’s capitol.

Sixty-one years after the Civil War ended, the monument was placed on the Capitol grounds. The monument celebrates a false narrative — that the Confederacy and those who fought for it championed a virtuous cause. The Confederacy was founded on a white supremacist ideology and existed to ensure its white citizens could own black people as slaves. West Virginia supported emancipation, not the Confederacy’s racist cause.

Although slavery has been abolished nationwide, the ideology underlying the practice persists. People of color continue to be discriminated against and brutalized by both private and state actors. The monument’s presence at our state Capitol is a public endorsement of these abhorrent behaviors, and it distorts West Virginia’s heritage. The monument should be removed.

Sarah McDaniel


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