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Now we see what politicians really like. Power! Across this nation some stupid governors are arresting people, threatening people, scaring people.

Governors have no right to take away your right to assemble, protest, bear arms. Or tell you you can’t go to church. People have this misconception that politicians are smart. Common sense made this country.

Who voted for these idiots in Maine, California and Michigan? People who want someone else to think for them. It’s easier not to work, not to think.

God-fearing Americans will only be pushed so far.

Lonnie Bledsoe


Bring back food commodities

As I am reading and watching the national news, I see two things that are totally in opposition to each other, and taken together, are a national disgrace. In one news article, I see that farmers are having to destroy their products — vegetables, milk from cows and even livestock and chickens are being slaughtered and plowed under for lack of either a market or workers to harvest and process them. In the next several articles, I see many local food banks are hard pressed to provide food to the flood of unemployed people, coupled with reduced donations due to these same people being out of work.

Back in the middle of the past century, our government stabilized farm supplies and prices by buying excess products and converting them into “commodities,” which were then distributed to people on welfare (using the politically incorrect but totally accurate word). Today, of course we dismiss commodity foods as being too degrading — but why do we have people lined up for blocks waiting for what is essentially the same thing?

So maybe it is time to go back for our future, to a much simpler and direct system which benefited both the farmer and the unemployed. Of course, it would expose the essential weakness of the government dole for purchasing high-priced groceries when the commodity system would benefit both ends of the supply/demand chain at lower cost.

George McKinney

Hurricane, W.Va.

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