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Well, graffiti is defacing public and private property all around the city. Like rats these morons come out at night. Little sneaky, brain-dead people that think they’re making a statement.

This is not Cleveland or Detroit, and the police should stop this now. This can turn into a bigger problem. This is ugly for Huntington.

Watch for these sewer rats and turn them in to the police. Man up!

Lonnie Bledsoe


Dropping Jenkins’ name was best

As a Marshall alumnus of some years past, I am proud to commend university President Jerome Gilbert and the Board of Governors for their decision to remove the name of Confederate General Albert Gallatin Jenkins from the designated building on campus.

A former student at Marshall Academy before the Civil War, Mr. Jenkins was not without some distinction as lawyer, politician and military commander, although he has been rightly condemned for his treatment of freed former slaves, some of whom he captured and sold back into slavery.

Yet I suggest that neither Jenkins nor any other leader of the Confederacy should ever be honored today for two very significant reasons: (1) They were clearly guilty of disloyalty and treason; it does not disrespect history to refuse to honor traitors. (2) They supported a regime that was dependent on the hideous institution of slavery for its economic survival.

Aubrey King


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