There has been a coup in Bolivia toppling the popularly elected president Evo Morales. President Morales, Vice President Alvaro Garcia and most senior members of the Morales administration were force to resign on Nov. 10. During his 13 years as president, Morales had moved his country forward, especially for the indigenous population.

The coup was backed by the oligarchy who are in turn backed by the U.S. The coup plotters killed at least 30 people who were protesting the coup. The coup regime shut down Telesur’s news coverage of the events in Bolivia. Telesur is one of the few media outlets that give fair coverage of Morales’ supporters.

The coup plotters removed the Wiphala, the flag of the indigenous Andean peoples, from government buildings. The coup regime is only interested in lining its pockets and currying favor with the U.S. and not interested in serving the people of Bolivia.

The U.S. must keep its hands off Bolivia.

Charles W. Britz


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