Trump neither greatest nor worst

As I watch the news, I wonder what kind of America do they want. I’ve seen foreign countries. I’ve seen islands all over the Pacific.

The president is not the best or the worst. Every president has made mistakes. This America is the best place I’ve seen, and all people do is argue. We just have one world and each other.

We are not promised tomorrow.

Lonnie Bledsoe


Since June 9, 2019, weekly demonstrations involving tens of thousands, of all ages. It started with a demand to repeal a bill to allow extradition of “criminals” to China and morphed into a movement to demand that China respect the treaty of the handover (“return”) of the territory from Britain in 1997. A “special administrative region,” a free and democratic entity within the repressive Communist regime. Articles of the treaty have been eroding ever since, like the choice of Hong Kong residents to elect their own civic leaders.

Recently, one young protester was shot by the police. Hong Kong is not Beijing, if you recall the massacre at Tiananmen Square back in 1989 when hundreds, probably over one thousand, protesters were massacred.

China is presently celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Communist takeover of the country. Current events in Hong Kong highlight the weakness of a totalitarian state, no matter how powerful globally, economically, militarily or politically. The collapse of the USSR in the 1990s, perhaps an omen? Chinese history and cultures, of course, very different. Neither China or Russia have a history of democracy except for a few short-lived attempts.

Strange that our U.S. government has said or done little to support the brave citizens of Hong Kong, many protesters even displaying the Stars and Stripes hoping for support from our government.

Today our White House is run by personal political and financial interests, sidelining human rights at home and abroad. Not the United States of yesterday.

Next time that you decide to buy a product “made in China,” give it a second thought. Nothing to do with the tariff war, an ineffective and moronic exercise, affecting world markets, but more to do with sending a message to Xi Jinping that Chinese policy in Hong Kong is not acceptable.

Nicholas Freidin


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