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After reading Aubrey King’s article “Why Huntington,” I had to write.

As one who has lived in four different countries, seven states, several large cities — London, Paris, Munich, Los Angeles and Columbus — my husband brought me to Huntington, his hometown. After the initial shock, I learned to like it. Mostly the friendliness and helpfulness of the people. Everything so accessible, the shows at the Keith-Albee and in the park, the festivals, everything on a smaller scale, but easy to get to, and always the friendliness of the people; no one is a stranger.

I love it here. It’s home.

Lisa Kelley

Chesapeake, Ohio

Move war statues to a neutral site

People argue that Civil War statues are a part of our history and should not be destroyed or taken down. I think Washington, D.C., should start a Civil War Museum and transfer all statues, both Northern and Southern, to this museum.

In order to preserve our history, there should be a plaque or audio message with each statue describing the part this person played in the Civil War.

That way history is preserved, neither side is glorified, and the statues are memorialized in an appropriate place. (You might want to include which of these men honored by the statues were slaveholders, and who won the Civil War).

Linda LeMaster


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