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If information has the proper “spin” people can be led by the nose in any direction. In the mid 1800s, people in Europe were enticed and coerced to drink a mixture of water and mercury (quicksilver) as a magic elixir to cure nearly all ailments known at that time. Famous people swore it worked and eventually it was taught to students in medical schools without any proof or testing, and became treatment protocol.

Within a short time the people who drank this solution showed signs of madness, rage, tremors and shaking, etc., and still it was not exposed as a hoax until the mid 1900s. Now, the world has just experienced a “similar” medical emergency that many scientists insist is a laboratory-made virus. And the treatment? With very little testing by pharmaceutical companies, it must be mandated by the government for its population or all will suffer, and some will die. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Dorsey “Dan” Boyd

Chesapeake, Ohio’

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