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The mayor of Minneapolis makes the police stand and watch while the city is destroyed. Not an American!

The mayor of Washington, D.C., wants the National Guard out of the hotel they’re staying in.

Nancy Pelosi and others want to do away with most of the police. Now we see the ugly side of the far-left people. It’s not about their country. It’s about power.

Let’s say you were out protesting all day. You come home to your house, two kids and a wife. A protester throws a fire bomb through your front window to burn your house down. I guess you will sit there and let your family burn up. No, you will get your gun, baseball bat, something to save your life and family’s.

Now you’re the victim!

Lonnie Bledsoe


Justice should think before he speaks

We can all be thankful that Gov. Jim Justice’s harebrained quest to hold the Republican National Convention in West Virginia was quickly shot down.

On a purely practical level, where would you put up to 50,000 people? There isn’t a single city in the entire state that could absorb that many extra people arriving all at once, or even two or three cities splitting it up. Certainly not Justice’s Greenbrier resort, although I’m sure he would have loved to have gotten a piece of the convention action. Anyone with an ounce of common sense could have figured that out in less time than it took Justice to voice the idea.

What is depressing is that Justice — again — seemed to give little thought to the safety of our state’s residents, even though he has time and again said we’re chock-full of vulnerable populations. Was it really a good idea to want to bring in up to 50,000 people from all over the nation to our small state, with COVID-19 cases growing daily? Fifty thousand potential spreaders of a virus that kills up to 5% of the people it infects? Doing the math on that fatality rate isn’t pleasant.

I’m glad that West Virginia dodged what would have been an avoidable self-inflicted wound. I just wish our governor would do more thinking before the next wild idea comes out of his mouth.

Monty Fowler


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