For the first time in my life, I’m praying that Marshall loses every game they play. I pray that attendance at Marshall sporting events dwindles to nothing. I pray that they fail to raise the money for a much-needed baseball facility that I had planned to contribute to. I pray that God causes everything that they attempt to fail.

This is a strange predicament for me because for most of my life, I’ve bled green. For the last 15 years or more, my company has financially supported Marshall football by purchasing chairback seats that require a Big Green contribution. Despite the fact that I struggle every year to give my extra tickets to someone, I bought the same seats to contribute the same amount of money each year. This is the last season that I will be purchasing those tickets.

If you’re wondering what happened, here it is: This season, Marshall University allowed their food vendor, Sodexo USA, to rid the stadium of Stewarts Hotdogs based on the fact that the owner of Stewarts, John Mandt, is a conservative Christian and votes accordingly in the West Virginia Legislature. I will not support any organization that allows persecution, in any form, of Huntington business owners because of the owners’ religious, political, or social beliefs. I might be standing alone in this endeavor, but it is more important than my passion for Marshall athletics.

Marshall has raised millions of dollars and built multiple facilities with fundraising campaigns. If you believe that freedom of speech and religion are more important than our passion for sports, please join me in what I’m calling the “Not Another Dime” campaign.

Mike Midkiff


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