This is absurd! From what the news released, the Huntington Board of Zoning Appeals in July 2019 issued and zoned the Kulture Club facility and gave a permit to owner Charon Reese. Did they not do a background check and see she had already had an arrest record?

I also understood a reporter referring to the Kulture Club as a hooka establishment also. Did the city not do their homework either? Hooka is a type of pipe smoking of illicit products or tobacco and that is banned from establishments by city and state health departments. Who monitors or researches the license/permit/zoning boards? The health department does not have the staff to go by places at night.

The news showed cans of alcohol; is this a bring your own drink establishment?

This is total bizarre!

Why does the city not care about our downtown establishments? Apparently the $1 million the city won was not used to keep a clean city.

Huntington’s government needs to clean up this city and clean it up fast! Start with the mayor and go down the line if they don’t want to run a clean city!

God help our city, and may the elected officials clean up or get out!

Teresa Beter


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