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Legislature did a great job

moving WV backward

Our 2021 West Virginia legislative session is over. The Republican Party has traditionally advocated for less government in our lives. In recent decades, the party has reversed course and has sought to interfere in the private matters in our households, most notably in abortion and gender issues. Our current legislature with a GOP supermajority is a case in point. Bills, some now law, relate to medical abortions — an issue between a woman and her physician — and transgender questions in school sports. All are better addressed by medical experts, gynecologists, psychiatrists and psychologists, not amateurs with a political agenda. The national medical associations are all horrified at this trend.

It reminds me of the miscegenation laws of the past forbidding interracial marriages — the government deciding who you can marry.

The present legislation in these areas is contrary to human decency, regulating how our citizens decide their personal choices and gender identities. They forget that our state (and the nation) is becoming more racially diverse, more multi-ethnic and multinational and more gender varied. We need all to live and thrive together and remain a vibrant community. It requires appreciation and respect for differences. It’s time to face reality and the 21st century.

The 2021 Legislature made our state borders more impregnable and less welcoming to outsiders wishing to re-locate in our Mountain State. Forget the attempt to eliminate the state personal income tax, regressive, and hurting our poorest citizens with increased sales taxes. Plus, it doesn’t work. Interference in our personal lives, reducing funds to our public schools and universities, to name a few acts debated in our current Legislature, are just short-sighted policies.

Great job, our GOP legislators this year! Thank you for turning back the clock and keeping us in the Dark Ages. I understand — anything to hold office and forget the long-term public welfare and the future of our great state.

Nicholas Freidin


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