In my commentary published Dec. 10, I misstated from memory concerning reference to the Watergate Building and Daniel Ellsberg.

The offices of psychiatrist Lewis Fielding were located in California; the Democratic National Committee headquarters were located in the Watergate Hotel Complex in Washington.

However, as a PolySci major at MU in those days, I clearly knew and still well recall who Daniel Ellsberg is and was. He was not then a Hollywood “actor,” rather an actor of the political operative variety as anyone with common sense would have concluded was meant in the context of my piece.

A whistle blower hero in many eyes, a criminal yet never determined guilty of espionage by others.

Steve Flesher


Remember victims of gun violence

In light of recent events, it will interest people in this area of West Virginia to know that February 1-8 is National Gun Violence Survivor Week.

The first week of February marks the approximate time when gun deaths in the United States will surpass the number of gun deaths experienced by our peer countries in a calendar year.

Accordingly, Moms Demand Action will hold an Advocacy Day at the State Capitol on Friday, February 7, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. To learn more about the events scheduled for this day, please text 644-33 and in the text messaging box type “EVENTS.”

Hope to see you at the Legislature.

Leonard Deutsch


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