I am in total agreement with the letter from Mr. Phil Parlock concerning the excessive police ticketing on I-64 by the town of Milton (“Milton police have no business on 64,” Dec. 27). His comment is that some small West Virginia towns have reached out to annex sections of major roads, then turn them into a revenue source by excessive ticketing. This is easily detected by checking the required published budgets of towns.

While major towns list tickets and fines as only a percent or two of total income, several small towns (Milton among them) show fines as being a major part of their budget, up to 25%. This is pure and simple using enforcement as a cash cow, which destroys both the intent of laws as a means of correcting behavior, but more importantly, destroys the trust and respect for law that is the basic foundation of all our legal institutions.

It should be noted that the Silver Haired Legislature (a model government, proposing laws that would benefit seniors and the general population) passed a proposal that would restrict towns from enforcement as an income source. If their revenues from tickets exceeded some level, say 10 percent of budget, then they would either forfeit the income to the general state, be restricted from ticketing major highways, or ultimately even dis-incorporated. This would help the state to avoid the reputation of being a haven for speed traps and restore the function of policing to protecting citizens rather than being tax collectors.

I would urge concerned citizens to contact their legislators, pointing out this problem and proposed solution. We have a representative government, which can work, but only if the representatives are frequently reminded of their duties and the citizens’ needs and concerns.

George McKinney

Hurricane, W.Va.

Obamacare drove up insurance costs

Health care cost goes up. It sure does not take a foundation to tell us that! The cost is up 54% along with deductibles at 162% over the last 10 years. So reports The Herald-Dispatch (“Health care costs rising faster than wages,” Dec. 29, 2019), but leaves out the who, what, when, where and, most important, the how come.

Who was in charge starting in 2009? Who said we must pass the Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare) so we could see what is in it? Who was it that told us our health care premiums would go down an average of $2,500 and we could keep our doctor? What administration was in charge for eight of the last 10 years?

Wages only started significant increases a year or two ago. During the Obama administration the story was there is little or no inflation, yet just like that it is up 20%. Social Security benefits are supposed to keep up with inflation. Did senior citizens get a 20% increase? Neither did I.

Political hacks involved in our health, security of seniors, health of our vets, education of our youth, private enterprise, maintaining of infrastructure, and all the rest even to include the up-and-down strength of our military is a big can of worms. The so-called experts are more often wrong then right. The federal government was to be small with very limited responsibility. The founders of our republic never intended that public office was to be a career. It once was called a public service. States’ rights are now a thing of the past.

There was so much we did without and got along quite well. So now how come we can’t do without big-government Washington, Charleston and even here in Wayne County? Most everything they do turns out to be a flop.

Fred Friar


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