People become confused about how to do the right thing. Most people ignore what the problems are, and we unfortunately have hurt a lot of people. One thing I noticed was that feeding the chronic homeless doesn’t stop them from freezing in frigid cold or becoming dehydrated in extreme heat. It doesn’t stop the many illnesses they contract because of being homeless and walking away from every place they try to stop and rest. It doesn’t improve their mental health.

They don’t want your pity. They want your understanding. No rest, constant stress, fighting every day to survive in their own town — this causes anger, illness, unusual behaviors.

Being homeless is like the tumbleweeds in the West — blowing around all day, having to always move on. People tell them you can’t rest here. You can’t sit here, and you can’t sleep here. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Don’t make them stay in this tormented state. If you really care and want to make them to know you care, feed their souls. Uplift their spirits and make them feel welcome to come back home.

Melinda Phillips


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