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I have noticed over the last four years is that in our local media we rarely hear of the good things Secretary of State Mac Warner and his people have done:

  • Cleaned up West Virginia voter roles by sending personnel from his office out to each of the county clerks to assist scrubbing the voter rolls. In two years this resulted in just over 190,000 being identified as dead, having moved, duplicate registrations or incarcerated being dropped from the roles. One county was so bad they lost 17% of their voting roll.
  • Opened a “One Stop Business Center.” The first of its kind in the country that includes the secretary of state, the state Tax Department and the Division of Labor and Workforce Development all in one location Additionally he opened two business hubs in other parts of the state.
  • With funding from the Legislature they now offer expedited business services. West Virginia is now among 33-plus states across the country to do so.
  • Took action against outside political groups for failing to disclose contributions or register as a political action committee, or PAC, in West Virginia.
  • Developed and implemented an electronic voting application system for deployed soldiers and West Virginia citizens living or working overseas.
  • Cyber security and security clearances for secretaries of state nationwide. Now the nation’s secretaries of state have the ability to communicate with Homeland Security and receive notice of outside threats to our voting. Mac Warner lead the push for this. West Virginia is now looked at as one of the leaders in this area.

Mac Warner was also selected to be an election observer in a foreign election. Again, bringing honor, and distinction to the state and his office. I strongly support his re-election.

Ronald Johnson

Sissonville WV

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