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Media and Democrats nationwide are asking, “What happened on Election Day?”

Two words: Joe Manchin.

And next year it’ll be worse for Democrats. Manchin will be out and a nobody again.

No more personal visits to the president’s home, no more gangs of media surrounding him in the halls of Congress, no more press conferences shown around the world, no more being called “the most important man in Washington.” No more Meet the Press, Face the Nation, or Fox News.

After singlehandedly stopping one of the most important pieces of legislation for West Virginians and our country in decades, wanted by the entire Democratic Party, including many very smart people, Manchin will try to arrange his way into the main photo ceremony of the signing of some meager replacement bill.

If not, he won’t show up at all and still think West Virginians will forget and fight to get him back in the Senate.

If we all finally do wise up, he still has his plane, helicopter rentals, houseboat, mansion and his multi millions, while the rest of us West Virginians struggle to just get by.

Don’t feel sorry for this dude. He also still has his wife with another $90-an-hour job, his daughter charging over $650 for one EpiPen shot for thousands of sick people around the country and his $500,000 annual dividend check from “his” coal company, helping to destroy our planet from the ozone heat and extreme weather, including floods that hurt our state most.

Thanks, Joe, old buddy.

Michael Eastman


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