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I just read an article that compared mandatory wearing of a mask to seatbelts. When the safety aspect of wearing seatbelts saving lives was first started, only a few automobile manufacturers started installing them. It was a while before it became mandatory for all new cars to have them. However, it took decades for people to slowly accept the increased safety aspect. In fact, it required the mandatory use by states to get more people to reluctantly accept the benefits of this added safety feature.

I see the same parallel with mask wearing nowadays. Hopefully, we’ll make this transition faster, otherwise a lot more people will die. And sadly, a lot of those deaths could be avoided by the simple act of properly wearing a mask.

One big difference between seat belts and COVID: Wearing a seat belt only benefits the seat belt wearer. Wearing a mask benefits the wearer and those around them.

I want to watch my grandchildren grow up into young adults. Unfortunately, right now I have to minimize contact with them and others to increase that possibility.

Dennis Young

Salt Rock

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