On Friday, Nov. 8, we read that Rep. Carol Miller was bypassing testimony regarding the ongoing presidential impeachment inquiries, citing the lack of transparency and fairness.

This article named her as a member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. This is one of the committees conducting impeachment inquiries. As a member of this committee, and in regard to the urgency of this matter, she has a constitutional right and sworn duty to be present in all these proceedings. Not as a spectator, but as an active participant. She must be available to examine and cross-examine all witnesses and evidence. How can one voluntarily remove themselves from an opportunity to hear and discern testimony only to claim secrecy and unfair treatment?

It has been reported that Ms. Miller was part of the mob rush into a secure area of the Capitol on Oct. 23. This was a blatant breach of security protocol and foolish display of partisan grandstanding. Furthermore, if she was a willing participant in this undignified display, it only adds to the dismay as she and at least 10 others taking part in this action were duly and properly authorized to enter the chamber.

The removal of the president is a gravely serious matter. It cannot be decided by messaging and posturing. It must be decided by our elected officials acting on behalf of the Constitution they swore to serve and defend.

Charles F. Warden


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