One part of the social contract people enter in to when they run for public office is that, if elected, they will represent all of their constituents — not just the ones who give them money or whose viewpoints they agree with.

Congresswoman Carol Miller either never got that memo or is determined to willfully ignore it. She can’t truthfully say she speaks for her district because she is unwilling to talk to and engage with the very people she claims to represent.

I have called or emailed her offices numerous times on various issues or concerns, always asking for a written response — or any kind of response — so I know where she stands. Outside of one form letter and a Washington staffer who did call me back when I expressed frustration at never getting a response, I have heard nothing.

Miller’s deliberate avoidance of the public, or choosing to speak only in carefully controlled environments, makes one wonder what part of “public servant” she truly understands.

Monty Fowler


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