We were deeply disturbed to read that the gun sanctuary movement has come to Cabell County when a few of Kelli Sobonya’s constituents asked her to introduce legislation to declare Cabell County a Second Amendment sanctuary.

According to Ms. Sobonya, this legislation is unnecessary and unenforceable. There are already federal and state laws safeguarding Second Amendment rights. What is at stake, in our view, is balancing the common good of society with the right to own a gun under the U.S. Constitution.

The need to protect the American people in these days of mass shootings in schools, theaters, nightclubs, and neighborhoods, etc. by laws requiring universal background checks (supported by 90% of Americans), a ban on assault weapons (supported by 56% of Americans), and red flag laws (supported by 86% of Americans) must be acknowledged.

These laws in no way take away an individual citizen’s right to own a gun for protection of self or family. These proposed laws are not an infringement on the Second Amendment. They are proposed “to provide for the common welfare,” which is the job of our government according to the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution.

Eileen and Andy



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