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This is an answer to a letter saying everything Trump has done is not bad. Perhaps taxes needed to be cut and regulations eased. But common sense should prevail. Why would you cut your revenue and increase spending? That is a recipe for disaster.

The tax cut as I understand is permanent for the rich and temporary for the middle class. Go figure.

Obama inherited a recession from a Republican. In eight years the unemployment rate was between, I think, 4% to 8% with $1 trillion a year being added to the federal deficit. Every Republican senator and congressman screamed about deficit, that we could not afford it. I agree.

Then along comes Trump. Unemployment for three years was as good as it can probably get, and we’re still adding $1 trillion a year to the deficit. Where is Republican outrage now?

The coal industry was not helped by EPA regulations, but cheap natural gas and fracking ended coal’s reign. When the CEOs of natural gas consortiums get together and shoot natural gas prices sky high, then coal will come back. Technology changed the playing field.

Technology changes everything. I’m not a fan, but you can’t stop it. Polaroid Land camera gone — the digital camera put them out of business.

The retail market with brick-and-mortar stores is decimated. The internet changed that.

Both parties are pretty much corrupt. Vote out everyone in office. Give them term limits since they won’t give themselves limits.

Wayne Dodson

Hanging Rock, Ohio

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