The Herald-Dispatch’s perpetual pessimist writes about the discovery of a new type of T-cell that seems to be a silver bullet to defeat cancer. What great news to write about if true.

However, to include suggestions that oncologists are in it just for the money is pure rubbish. I know better from firsthand experience. Unless you have a close relationship to the people who fight cancer, you have no idea about the pain and heartache they feel every time a treatment does not work or they lose a patent. Cancer patients become friends. You meet their family. It really hurts when despite all efforts you lose.

Actually, T-cell treatment is not new. There have been several remarkable cases where patents recover with in a few weeks. This different T-cell will be added to what oncology is are already doing. Cancer will not disappear. Treatment using this new cell will still have to be applied.

I can assure anyone who thinks it is all about the money is just wrong. The men and women who are on the front line of cancer care and the many who have devoted their lives to finding a solution to cancer would be delighted if a one size fits all is discovered. They would be happy to find a new line of work.

Fred Friar


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